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Sharper Than New, Professional Blade Sharpening


Sharper Than New believes that our customers’ happiness and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We love our work and our results prove it!

Krystina is a native Floridian who started her own business in Downtown Sarasota at the Farmers Market. She loves the feel of the marketplace and enjoys the people who attend them. Awesome Orchids was her first business that she started. Her entrepreneurial savvy skills built the business into a successful company that is still growing today. When it came time to move she sold the business to good customers who carry on the tradition of offering beautiful and delicate orchids. 

She was working as an Originator for Commerical Lending in Southern California and found that the job did not satisfy her. She missed the personal contact working with people, especially at the Farmers Market. One rainy day while still laying in bed, she remembered being fascinated in her Grandfathers workshop watching him sharpen knives and scissors for her grandmother. She started to investigate the hows and whys of sharpening and how to become the best. As a lover of cooking and gardening, Krystina knows that the tools for these trades need to be kept sharp in order to avoid injuries and make the experience enjoyable.

She started by using Tormek, the original way knives where sharpened. Tomek is a slow wet grinder. This along with various files she honed her craft.

Moving back home to Florida to be close to her Dad, she started her knife sharpening business using only the best sharpener on the market – The Wicked Edge Professional Sharpener.

Using the Wicked Edge Professional Sharpener, a Swedish made water cooled wet-stone grinder (to protect the temper of the blades) and, then hones with fine abrasives, her work is described as explementary. She is one of the areas original dealers using Wicked Edge Professional Sharpener. 

The goal of Sharper than New is to make sure your tool is safe so you can enjoy cooking and gardening. Both professionals and novice will have a better experience with a clean sharp tool to work with.

Repair work that cannot be done at the Farmers Market in Sarasota can be done at the shop and returned the following weekend or by appointment during the week.

She recently added repairs to chipped crystal to her services.

Stop by and see Krystina with all your knife and blade sharpening need or contact her with any questions.