Yesterday I stopped by your booth at farmer’s market to tell you how happy I was with my sewing scissors. I have had a pair of Japanese scissors for about 25 years. I was sewing at that time – then stopped. About three years ago I have been sewing a lot for a grand daughter and her dolls. I didn’t realize how dull the scissors had become until I had them sharpened. I have arthritics in my thumbs so cutting the fabric was the hardest part of sewing. With my “new” scissors I am able to get the cutting done with a lot less pain. Thank you for being at farmer’s market.

Marji Osborn

July 2014

I have been looking for 20 years for someone who could sharpen a bread knife! I picked mine up this morning from Sharper Than New. It is “sharper than new”. Thanks Krystina Muller.

Robert I.

WOW! I love your work!!!!!! I will send out a check today and as soon as I get more knives packed, they will be off to you! THANK YOU!!!! I am a professional with a large collection of knives. In addition to the fact that they had become dull, a few were damaged because I allowed others to use them who did not know how to care for quality knives. I sent my knives to Sharper Than New and Krystina not only was able to correct the damaged ones, but put an edge on all my knives that was better than when I purchased them from Henckels. Sharper Than New lives up to their name and is the ONLY professional knife sharpener in the Tampa Bay area that I trust for stellar work and outstanding customer service.

William Kopke
Sterling’s Kitchen – Private gourmet cookery for the discriminating home.

I have used my shears now for 4 days, cutting thick carbon fiber, Kevlar tracer threads, thin fiberglass fabric as well as some slippery silicone coated nylon fabric. The results are excellent, they cut everything no problem. The Kevlar threads are the most telling since they are very very tough to cut, if the scissors were not sharpened correctly I would know right away cutting that. So whatever you did to them, don’t change it. I will bring my second pair to you on Saturday. Thanks again.

Jeff Dimitry
Sierra Composites

Krystina,That 8-inch knife you did today is the sharpest it’s ever been…thanks. On the other hand if I show up next week with my hands covered in bandaids… I think you mentioned you do serrated — am I remembering correctly? Thanks..

Pete Tannen

I want to thank you for doing such nice work on my knives. I have good equipment and keep them sharp with my home electric sharpener but nothing can compare with the edge you put on them. You are a terrific addition to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday and I’ll make sure my friends know you are there. Especially my fussy “foody” friends.

Judy McCollam

The knives are great! I’ll certainly recommend you; in fact, my daughter is visiting in Sept. And she may bring her knives with her for you to sharpen. She’ll be here Sun to Wed, 27-30 so I’ll let you know. It will have to be done quickly. Also, you seem very nice and fun so we should get together socially don’t you think? Louise

Louise Clark, Broker-Associate. ABR, GRI

Krystina – your skills have made my 30 year old knives seem like new. What a pleasure to use tools in the shape they were meant to be. What a pleasure to meet your mom and you! See you soon with a cleaver that now cuts like a brick. Thanks.


Krystina, thanks for doing such a fine job on my Mundial 10″ chef’s knife. It was a pleasure to slice through bell peppers (skin side up), scallions, mushrooms, and almonds tonight to help make a salad. Although it may have been trademarked by another sharpening outfit, I believe the term to describe your work is “Scary Sharp”!


Krystina, just had to let you know how much I enjoy my newly sharpened knives. We’ll stay in touch.

A hug, Brigitte

Dear Krystina, my Pinking sheasr are nice and sharp – wonderful! Glad to know of your service, will be bringing all my dull cutting devices to you to be sharpened!